West End Adoration Chapel

Come all who are weary and rest in the Lord


Welcome to the West End Adoration Chapel!

A small perpetual adoration chapel located in the basement of the parish office of Holy Rosary Church.

There are 168 hours in a week. Adorers fill these hours on a weekly basis. Keeping all these hours filled is an ongoing challenge. Full-time adorers and substitutes are ALWAYS needed. There are open hours, but you can always have the hour of your choice. When you are unable to fulfill your committed hour, it is the coordinators job to assist you in finding a temporary substitute.

Perpetual adoration can be a great addition to your Lenten, Advent, or anytime devotion.

“Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament has His hands full of graces, and He is ready to bestow them on anyone who asks for them”

– St. Peter of Alcantara

 “It is never true to say that we have no time to meditate; the less one thinks of God, the less time there will always be for God. The time we have for anything depends of how much we value it. Thinking determines the uses of time; time does not rule over thinking. The problem of spirituality is never, then, a question of time; it is a problem of thought. For it does not require much time to make us saints; it requires only much love.”

– Venerable Archbishop Fulton Sheen

(God Love You)